Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

First Capital Internet Marketing Consultants has helped clients hone their internet marketing strategies to meet the demands of the modern marketplace through social media management services.Social Media Management Services

Whether you have already begun a social media marketing program or are just getting started, First Capital Internet Marketing Consultants offer individual and customized social media management services to meet your needs. We will review and update your current social media campaign(s) as well as research current social media activity.

Our A la Carte social media management options are designed to help businesses get up and running with a new social media program.

First Capital Internet Marketing Consultants will research the competition and help you determine the social media platforms that will benefit your business most.

A la Carte Menu for Social Media Management Services

  • Analyze the Competition
  • Basic Facebook and Twitter profile set up
  • Additional Social Media Profiles
  • Creation of a Facebook Fan or Group Page
  • Facebook and Twitter employee training
  • Blog Posting

The Importance of Social Media Management

Many businesses believe that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are to be used to promote products and services only. If this is you, then think again! Social media platforms are a two way street.

Friends, fans and followers expect more out of social media than advertising. In fact…advertising is the last thing they want to see unless it touts a sale, promotion or special event.

Visitors to social media sites want to be informed and entertained. They want to know about the latest and greatest product available and at the same time enjoy taking part in polls and contests. The more users are engaged, the better the experience for all parties involved.

Get the most out of Facebook and Twitter by asking visitors for their input. What options, features and services do they find most valuable? What are their likes, dislikes and what would they like to see in the future? Not only does actively engaging visitors, making them feel important, it provides businesses the essential market research information required to move forward in real time and for little or no money.

Social media sites are just that…social. They provide customers a venue to positively and negatively review product, services and experiences. As we all love positive reviews, the negative reviews allow businesses to learn from their mistakes and take action upon them. Businesses that handle negative comments professionally and in a timely manner have the ability to show others how important they truly are to your organization.

Google is placing more emphasis on social media when determining search engine page rank placement. The more interaction, likes, shares, tweets and re-tweets a business creates, in conjunction with a well designed internet marketing campaign, the higher the SERP.

Social media takes time and patience, but if designed and implemented properly have the ability to help increase your return on investment.


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