SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting and Blog Posting

SEO copy-writing and blog posting are essential internet marketing components to any website. SEO copy-writing and blog posting are integral pieces of content marketing. Google Likes Content MarketingGoogle is now placing more emphasis on website content when determining the search engine result page (SERP). Not only is it important to update your site with new, relevant content, it is also important to include keywords that will help improve your Google keyword rankings. First Capital Internet Marketing Consultants  is an internet marketing company that offers the SEO copywriting services that will get you noticed.

Start increasing your website traffic by optimizing it with high quality search engine friendly SEO copy-writing.

SEO and Blog Copy-writing Help Improve SERP

Two effective content marketing methods used in to improve search engine results page (SERP) placement are SEO copywriting and Blog copywriting. SEO and Blog copywriting, while similar in nature, serve two entirely different functions.

What is Content Marketing?

Providing customers and potential customers with information that is not only informative, but also keeps them engaged is goal of content marketing. Whether it is through blog posts, article submissions or engaging customers through social media sites like G+, Facebook or Twitter, content marketing is an essential element to any online marketing campaign.

SEO Copywriting and Google

SEO (search engine optimization) copy-writing that is added to website pages provide Google with the information it needs to assign SERP. When writing copy, it is important to include keywords that each particular page represents. SEO copywriting, if done properly, can improve Google rankings. If written improperly, may result in Google black-listing.

Blog Posting Improves Link Structure

Blogging is a method of not only improving page views, it is also an important tool used to communicate with new and existing customers. Blog posting is educational and integral part to any link building campaign. Organic link building is accomplished by the process of guest blogging. Reaching out to industry related contacts and offering free content not only helps to improve their online visibility, it also helps to improve your link building structure and Google placement.

Before starting an internet marketing campaign, determine the keywords and related keywords that describe your business, product or service. By understanding keywords and how they affect your online presence you will be well on your way to establishing a successful online marketing campaign.


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